Alice K. Flanagan

Alice Flanagan lives with her husband in Chicago, Illinois, and writes books for children and teachers. Ever since she was a young girl, Ms. Flanagan has enjoyed writing. Today, she has more than 70 books published on a wide variety of topics. Some of the books she has written include biographies of U.S. presidents and first ladies; biographies of people working in our neighborhood; phonics books for beginning readers; informational books about birds; and career education in the classroom.

Recent Products

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cloudy 2.0
Rainy 1.8
Snowy 1.9
Stormy 2.2
Blast Off!: The Sound of BL 1.4
I Am Glad: The Sound of GL 1.1
My Flower Garden: The Sound of FL 1.3
A Pet: The Sound of P
Dogs: The Sound of D
Four Fish: The Sound of F
Hats Can Help: The Sound of H
I Like Bugs: The Sound of B

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