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Spring 2023 Set of 12 titles
Cover: Dino Discovery
quick view Dino Discovery Kindergarten - Grade 3
Spring 2023 Set of 12 titles
Cover: Understanding Idioms
Spring 2023 Set of 8 titles
Cover: The Power of Energy
Spring 2023 Set of 16 titles
Cover: Classic Children's Songs
Spring 2023 Set of 6 titles
Cover: Inside Big Events
Spring 2023 Set of 12 titles
Cover: The Scoop on Superstitions
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The Life Cycle of an Earthworm
Life Cycles Booklist The Life Cycle of an Earthworm

The Life Cycles series introduces this essential elementary-science concept in short chapters with descriptive paragraphs and…

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There's a Bug in My Ear!
Understanding Idioms School Library Journal There's a Bug in My Ear!

Out like a light. Play it by ear. Off the hook. Who isn't curious where these ­silly sayings come from? This extensive series…

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The Scoop on Superstitions Booklist Wishbones

Who hasn't wrapped their fingers around a greasy wishbone, their secret hopes to be determined with a fateful snap? This is but one

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The Early Bird Catches the Worm!
Understanding Idioms Booklist The Early Bird Catches the Worm!

English can be difficult to learn, but this volume in the Understanding Idioms series (12 titles) can also be a reader's 'ace in…

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Armored Dinos
Dino Discovery School Library Journal Armored Dinos

This series introduces dinosaurs by groups such as armored, horned, etc. Readers may dive into their favorite type of dinos, or…

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Solar Power
The Power of Energy School Library Journal Solar Power

This is a comprehensive series that explores the different types of energy sources and the benefits and drawbacks of each one. Each

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