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Cover: The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

A noteworthy review of Tales by Beatrix Potter from Midwest Book Review on August 1, 2023

The Child’s World has now made available to family, school, and community ‘Books in Series’ collections a six volume ‘Tales by Beatrix Potter’ series, each volume of which is charmingly illustrated by Wendy Rasmussen. This classic children’s series… View →

Cover: The Life Cycle of an Earthworm

A noteworthy review of Life Cycles from Booklist on May 1, 2023

The Life Cycles series introduces this essential elementary-science concept in short chapters with descriptive paragraphs and colorful, full-page, captioned photographs, many of which feature up-close perspectives. Each volume begins similarly, recognizing that humans, animals, and… View →

Cover: Armored Dinos

A noteworthy review of Dino Discovery from School Library Journal on April 1, 2023

This series introduces dinosaurs by groups such as armored, horned, etc. Readers may dive into their favorite type of dinos, or work their way through the complete series. Along with illustrations, there are bullet lists of fun facts, and text boxes and captions with extra details. A… View →

Cover: Inside the Daytona 500

A noteworthy review of Inside Big Events from School Library Journal on April 1, 2023

This series views big events from a variety of perspectives, offering a unique and comprehensive view not often provided in sports nonfiction. The Daytona 500 shares perspectives from the founder, a chief starter, a fan, a driver, and a broadcaster. The NBA… View →

Cover: Wishbones

A noteworthy review of The Scoop on Superstitions from Booklist on April 1, 2023

Who hasn’t wrapped their fingers around a greasy wishbone, their secret hopes to be determined with a fateful snap? This is but one of the unusual practices covered by the Scoop on Superstitions series (12 titles). In this selection, readers become acquainted with the furcula and… View →

Cover: The Early Bird Catches the Worm!

A noteworthy review of Understanding Idioms from Booklist on April 1, 2023

English can be difficult to learn, but this volume in the Understanding Idioms series (12 titles) can also be a reader’s ‘ace in the hole.’ From ‘blow off steam’ to ‘get your goat’ to ‘push the envelope,’ it introduces 24 varied… View →

Cover: There's a Bug in My Ear!

A noteworthy review of Understanding Idioms from School Library Journal on April 1, 2023

Out like a light. Play it by ear. Off the hook. Who isn’t curious where these ­silly sayings come from? This extensive series demystifies just about every idiom a young reader can think of. Each phrase is used in a paragraph and given a definition followed by its origin story.… View →

Cover: Solar Power

A noteworthy review of The Power of Energy from School Library Journal on April 1, 2023

This is a comprehensive series that explores the different types of energy sources and the benefits and drawbacks of each one. Each page has a white background with black text or a large color photo. While not the most eye-catching and colorful books on the shelf, the amount of… View →

Cover: Let's Explore Coral Reefs

A noteworthy review of Let's Explore Ecosystems from Booklist on February 15, 2023

As the series title suggests, Let’s Explore Ecosystems introduces elementary readers to a range of ecosystems around the world. Divided into three sections, each volume opens with a few paragraphs that explain the unique features that make up the ecosystem. The second and longest… View →

Cover: Chicago Bears

A noteworthy review of Professional Football Teams from School Library Journal on November 1, 2022

Covering each of the teams in the National Football League, this series briefly runs through each teams’ history, including their notable players and impactful coaches. In addition to short biographies of ‘legacy’ players, the books include writeups of current stars who View →

Cover: Investigating Plastic Pollution

A noteworthy review of Investigating Pollution from School Library Journal on November 1, 2022

Eight types of pollution are evaluated through comprehensive text and simple graphics. Each book begins with a captivating story that draws readers into the topic, such as a manatee named Gerard whose food source was destroyed by agricultural pollution. This is followed by an… View →

Cover: Coaches

A noteworthy review of Community Helpers from Booklist on November 1, 2022

The Community Helpers series provides a solid starting point for young readers who are interested in exploring possible careers. Each title begins by introducing a young child who is interested in the community job discussed and encourages readers to find a professional working in the… View →