Cynthia Klingel

Cindy Klingel has been writing for The Child's World for more than 15 years. She also writes under the name C. Ann Fitterer. Most recently, Cindy has co-written more than 70 Child's World books with Bob Noyed. Cindy and Bob have written books in the Wonder Books Phonics Readers series, the Wonder Books Nonfiction series and the Spirit of America Our Presidents series. They also helped to develop The Spirit of America publishing program, which began in fall 2001. Cindy also helped to develop the Wonder Books publishing program. Cindy was born in Mankato, Minnesota. She lived for a short time in Minneapolis, where she worked in publishing. The rest of the time, she has lived in Mankato, which she believes is a great place to grow up! As a child, Cindy loved reading, writing and playing with friends. She enjoyed playing sports, especially softball and football! She also loved to dance. She was a dance student and then teacher for 17 years! In third grade, Cindy won an award in a national publishing contest sponsored by a large publishing company. It was then that she decided she would be an author when she grew up. In college, Cindy studied English and elementary education. Although she was interested in many things, she loved working with students. So she graduated with degrees in teaching. Cindy has been a public school educator for almost 20 years. She has worked for a Minnesota school district as a high school English teacher, an elementary teacher and is currently a curriculum director. She loves children's literature and makes regular visits to the children's section in bookstores and libraries. Cindy lives in Minnesota with her two daughters. When she is not working or busy being a mom, she can be found digging in one of her gardens, spending time with her many friends or with her nose in a good book.

Recent Products

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Coretta Scott King: Civil Rights Activist 5.9
Break a Leg! (And Other Odd Things We Say) 3.2
Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth! (And Other Weird Sayings) 3.6
Ack! There's a Bug in My Ear! (And Other Sayings That Just Aren't True) 3.1
Go Fly a Kite! (And Other Sayings We Don't Really Mean) 3.2
You Let the Cat Out of the Bag! (And Other Crazy Animal Sayings) 3.3
You're Clean as a Whistle! (And Other Silly Sayings) 3.2
Amelia Earhart: Aviation Pioneer 4.9
Downhill Skiing 2.0
Hockey 2.4
Ice Skating 2.2
Tennis 2.0

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