Editorial Review

A noteworthy review of Our Cultural Heritage from Children's Literature on November 1, 2002

Cover: Swedish Americans

Over the years, Swedish immigrants have carved out a place in the American saga. Swedes who braved the arduous trip to America helped open up the West. Swedish farmers journeyed across the plains to till the soil of Midwestern and Western states. Other Swedes made lives for themselves and their families in urban areas such as Chicago, Minneapolis, and Duluth. Swedish immigrants also brought a rich heritage with them and integrated many of its aspects into American culture. During the peak years of immigration, in the mid- to late 19th century, over 1.5 million men, women, and children left Sweden for a new life in America. The amazing story of Swedish-Americans is nicely introduced in this illustrated and well designed book. Lucia Raatma offers readers a glimpse at the reasons why Swedes chose to venture forth to America. She also discusses some of the common experiences of Swedish immigrants. Finally, Ms. Raatma highlights some famous Swedish-Americans who have made significant contributions to the arts, science, and entertainment. This is a well written and capably organized look at a proud people who have made a significant impact upon their adopted homeland.

—Greg M. Romaneck

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