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A noteworthy review of Basic Biographies from School Library Journal on June 1, 2010

Cover: Albert Einstein

These biographies cover salient points in an accessible way, with each title condensing important information into understandable pieces. Instead of trying to explain the exact ideas that made Einstein famous, Kesselring discusses how his ideas helped other scientists. Obama provides a clear description of the man’s life before and during his presidency and outlines some of his duties, without delving into politics. The books’ clear and relevant black-and-white and color photographs sport captions that aid understanding of the subject matter. For instance, in Thomas Edison, a photo depicts the subject holding a light bulb, and the caption reads ‘Thomas did not invent the light bulb.’ The text on the opposite page explains that he improved on an existing model. These are quality introductions.

—Sarah Provence

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Albert Einstein
Barack Obama
Thomas Edison

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