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A noteworthy review of Be Safe from Children's Bookwatch on February 1, 2011

Cover: Being Safe around Water

‘Being Safe Around Water’ is book one of a series for elementary to middle school age children teaching safety practices in all sorts of water settings. Humorous illustrations and a friendly helper named Buzz Bee Safe help kids focus on tips and safety information. Included are water safety rules, a glossary and suggested books and recommended related web sites. Excellent tips and safety practices are clearly and simply presented in fun and kid-friendly format. Other books in this series by the same author include ‘Being Safe At Home’ (9781609542993), ‘Being Safe At School’ (9781609543006), ‘Being Safe In Your Neighborhood’ (9781609543709), ‘Being Safe On Wheels’ (9781609543716), ‘Being Safe With Fire’ (9781609543723), ‘Being Safe With Technology’ (9781609543730), and ‘Being Safe With Weather’ (9781609543747).

—James Cox

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Being Safe around Water 2.9

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