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A noteworthy review of Weird Sports from Booklist on April 1, 2011

Cover: Weird Throwing and Kicking Sports

When the name of a series is Weird Sports, you know you’re probably in for some fun. And sure enough, Watson’s title comes through. The premise is a book about sports in which a ball is not used. So what does that leave? Well, there’s blanket riding (kind of like jumping on a trampoline, only you’re being flung by the blanket holders); stone tossing (a Swiss sport in which heavy rocks are tossed); and toe wrestling (self- explanatory). But perhaps the jewel in the weird-sports crown is fish flinging. ‘Mullet tossing is simple. Grab a mullet from the bucket and see how far you can throw it.’ There are rules, but not many. Full-color photos of the ‘athletes’ at play are one part of each two-page spread. The text offers basic explanations, although in most cases there’s really not that much to explain. When the ball gets lost in the neighbor’s garden, this will provide some ideas.

—Ilene Cooper

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