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A noteworthy review of Weird Sports from School Library Journal on April 1, 2011

Cover: Weird Animal Sports

Fascinating sports and challenges are briefly elucidated in this series. Both authors give examples from various countries, describing altogether more than 50 activities ranging from Estonia’s wife-carrying race to a Mexican golf tournament that involves playing only one hole. Though bizarre contests are highlighted, the authors show their sense of humor by also featuring known, but out of the ordinary contests, such as pig races regularly seen at county fairs and atypical races such as those in which dogs pull skiers through the snow. Colorful photographs enhance the comical events, and ‘Fast Fact’ or ‘Bonus Weirdness’ text boxes near each photo provide additional details. Vocabulary is stretched as readers learn more about ‘parkour,’ an obstacle course that they may be familiar with from television. This material is unusual enough to encourage readers to browse the entire series.

—Blair Christolon

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Weird Animal Sports 3.9
Weird Races 3.5
Weird Sports Moments 4.1
Weird Sports of the World 3.9
Weird Throwing and Kicking Sports 4.3
Weird Water Sports 3.9

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