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A noteworthy review of Scrapbooks of America from School Library Journal on May 1, 2003

Cover: Freedom's Light: A Story about Paul Revere's Midnight Ride

While the appearance of these brief titles suggests nonfiction, each one brings to life an event as seen from the perspective of a fictional young person. In Freedom’s Light, Mary Cates, 12, is an aspiring spy who works in Paul Revere’s silversmith shop. When she eavesdrops on a crucial conversation between two traitors to the revolutionary cause, she becomes involved in the beginning of the War. In Giles, an 11-year-old who lives in Plimoth follows an ‘Indian youth’ into the woods because he believes that the young Wampanoag is stealing from the colony’s warehouse. Giles is caught by Metacom and learns to appreciate the Native American way of life. The boys return to the colony with a newfound respect for one another. Each small-print title combines a good story with an account of the time period, and includes captioned, black-and-white and color archival illustrations and photos on almost every page. These books should find an audience, particularly among reluctant readers.

—Carol Foreman/Elbert School

Products Reviewed

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Giles and Metacom: A Story of Plimoth and the Wampanoag 4.6

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