Editorial Review

Children's Literature (Pamela S. Turner)

This volume from the ‘Nature Book’ series presents facts about walruses for young readers. Each short chapter (1 to 3 pages of text) has a conversational title—Meet the Walrus!, What Are Walruses?, Where Do Walruses Live? Other chapters discuss how walruses stay warm, what they eat, life in a walrus herd, the rearing of young, walrus predators and environmental threats to walruses. Each two-page spread has one page of text next to a colorful, full-page photograph. The wide margins and double-spaced, large print give the book a simple, clean format, and the text is clear and informative. The easy-to-use layout and bright color photographs will appeal to schoolchildren writing their first animal report. The volume includes a table of contents, a glossary of terms (all terms are printed in bold in the text), an index and a list of web sites for more information on walruses.

—Pamela S. Turner

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