Editorial Review

Children's Literature (Denise Daley)

Originally only three acres in size, Ellis Island grew in both magnitude and importance during the late 1800s. As New York City’s subway was being dug, its dirt and rocks were dumped into the water surrounding Ellis Island, increasing the island’s size to almost 28 acres. It was around this same time that the new immigration station was built. Seeking freedom and a better life in America, millions of immigrants entered our country through Ellis Island. This book describes not only the history of Ellis Island but also the suffering of the immigrants. They were often frightened, sickly, and unable to understand English. Each page of the book contains a full-page photograph, many of which bring life to the immigrant’s experience. Children will certainly find this book interesting, especially those interested in learning about their ancestry. A glossary, index, and list of recommended web sites are also included.

—Denise Daley

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