Editorial Review

A noteworthy review of Music Makers from School Library Journal on December 1, 2002

Cover: Percussion Instruments

With a strong introduction, Grace firmly establishes the relationship between the historical rhythmic foundation of music and the percussion family of instruments. In large-print type, each two-page chapter gives a concise summary of an instrument’s physical form, production of sound, playing techniques, and the variety of percussion sounds. Color photography underscores the worldwide diversity of these instruments as musicians of all ages from Burundi to Argentina display their skills. Stringed Instruments lacks the historical overview of the first volume; it begins with an oversimplified, broad statement-‘Wherever you find people playing music, you’ll find stringed instruments.’ from that point on, the text clearly informs readers with a physical description of its featured instruments and explains the simple physics behind the formation of pitch and techniques involved in the production of sound. As in the first book, ethnically diverse representations of musicians and various instruments appear with four to five sentences of text per page. Attractive, very basic introductions.

—Mary Elam

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