Editorial Review

A noteworthy review of Naturebooks from Science Books and Films on July 1, 2003

Cover: Ants

Each of these eight books focuses on a particular ‘creepy crawler.’ The text is appropriate for the third-grade reading level, but younger and older children will also be interested in these books. Each book contains a table of contents, about nine short chapters of information, a glossary and index section, and a Web address for more information about the creatures. Each chapter poses and answers a question of general scientific interest about the creature, such as how it eats, reproduces, or protects itself. The chapters are well organized and written in a way that will not bore a child who is reading the book. The text contains many interesting and scientifically accurate facts about the creatures, and the pages are filled with amazing close-up, full-color photographs of the creatures that children will enjoy looking at. Each photograph is accompanied by a caption explaining what the photograph depicts. Children will love reading and learning about these fascinating creatures. These volumes can be used as a reference for children researching a particular creature or as general-interest books for children who are fascinated by ‘creepy crawlers’ and want to learn more about them through reading.

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