Editorial Review

A noteworthy review of Our Government and Citizenship from Booklist on October 15, 2004

Cover: Government: How Local, State, and Federal Government Works

Titles in the new series Our Government and Citizenship provide straightforward information that explains the different facets of the U.S. government. Government introduces the concept of democracy by describing how it worked in ancient Athens and Rome and then shows how the North American colonists reshaped those political ideals to form a new nation. Succinct wording makes clear why we need different levels of governing no matter where in the U.S. we live and why our system of checks and balances on the federal level is effective. Power to the People explains how we elect our governmental officials, with most of the chapters taking readers chronologically through the process of how candidates campaign and get elected. Photos and drawings in both books are clear and well selected, and, especially in Power, the author is careful to provide balanced coverage of political parties. Particularly helpful is Power’s final chapter, which makes the process of voting seem both easy and important. Both books include a time line, and a glossary. Recommended purchase.

—Roger Leslie

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