Editorial Review

A noteworthy review of Exploring Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures from Library Media Connection on November 1, 2004

Cover: Allosaurus

These compact volumes each cover an individual dinosaur. Information is presented in an easily read format, and is written as a student essay might be written. Each volume begins with a brief description of what that dinosaur’s life may have been like, including mealtime, then continues to a physical description of that particular dinosaur. The texts give brief descriptions of fossils, where the particular dinosaur fossil was first discovered and by whom, how plentiful fossils of that particular dinosaur are, and a brief description of the geological period from which that dinosaur comes. Each volume includes a glossary, Did you know? section, geologic time scale section, as well as how to learn more. Having just finished an ancient life unit with students, I found that these volumes would be helpful for those students who ask for dinosaur books. Additional material would be needed for students involved in more in-depth study, but that information is readily available elsewhere. The material in this series is presented in a way that would appeal to both elementary and middle school students, especially older reluctant readers.

—Kim Sutherland

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