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A noteworthy review of Living Well from School Library Journal on December 1, 2004

Cover: Safety for Babysitters

These clearly written titles have an appealing layout with plenty of full-color photos and a triple-spaced text. Babysitters is an excellent, easy-to-understand overview that recommends several steps to take before assuming responsibility for childcare, such as a first-aid class, spending time with children and pets before the parents leave, and formulating an emergency escape plan in case of fire. Caroline Greene’s The Babysitter’s Handbook (DK, 1999) is more detailed, but less readable. Neighborhood provides solid tips for getting to know your neighbors (safely) and recognizing strangers (who may appear safe), noticing things that might be out of place, and handling knocks on the door when you are alone. Internet contains a fairly comprehensive overview of online safety, including choosing age-appropriate sites, e-mailing, instant messaging, netiquette, and maintaining one’s privacy. Some topics, such as shopping online and bidding at online auction sites, will, one hopes, not be relevant to this audience.

—Mary Hazelton

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Safety for Babysitters 4.6

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