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A noteworthy review of Weird Sports from Library Media Connection on September 1, 2011

Cover: Weird Animal Sports

This fun series shares highlights and objectives of some of the weirdest sports around today. From the unbelievable horse vs. man race to the downright silly turkey bowling, and even to the just plain crazy north pole marathon, students are sure to find something to enjoy. Each book begins with a disclaimer cautioning readers not to attempt any of the sports themselves. Each book covers nine sports; there is some repetition in books. Interesting trivia facts are noted on each of the real-life action photographs. In this age of reality television and ‘the weirder the better’ mentality, this series will appeal to a wide variety of readers. Bold-faced vocabulary words are marked throughout. Gossary. Table of Contents. Index.

—Bridget Slayden

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Weird Animal Sports 3.9
Weird Races 3.5
Weird Sports Moments 4.1
Weird Sports of the World 3.9
Weird Throwing and Kicking Sports 4.3
Weird Water Sports 3.9

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