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A noteworthy review of Simple Measurement from Booklist on December 1, 2012

Cover: Measuring Volume

Vogel addresses the topic of measuring volume with a number of kid-friendly examples. Pouring milk? Taking medicine? Filling the backyard pool? Well, then you’re participating in figuring out volume. On a typical spread, the horizontal trim size is halved with one bright photograph or watercolor illustration and a couple paragraphs of fairly advanced text. The brief history lesson (‘But pots and baskets were not all the same. People needed standard units to measure volume’) is crystal clear, though things get a bit hairy as units are introduced (‘A quart is one-fourth the size of a gallon’). Breaking the paragraph mode with bullet points or charts may have helped, and though the ‘What Equals What?’ page is appreciated, it is paired with a drawing of a girl showing her teddy bears some real brain burners (‘1 pint = .47 liters’). Thankfully, the photos excel at illustrating each point, with shots of food stands, 2-liter soda bottles, cough-medicine cups, and so forth. A solid entry in the Simple Measurement series.

—Daniel Kraus

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