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A noteworthy review of Greek Mythology from Booklist on January 1, 2013

Cover: Aphrodite: Goddess of Love and Beauty

Keeping up with the multitude of characters from Greek mythology can be a handful. Illustrated with colorful digital artwork and accompanied by a map of ancient Greece, these entries in the Greek Mythology series give children a brief, age-appropriate overview of some of mythology’s most interesting gods and goddesses. Aphrodite recounts the goddess’ effect on gods and humans who fell for her charms as well as her involvement in the start of the Trojan War. Ares explains the god’s moody behavior and desire for battle and highlights the differences between him and his biggest rival, Athena, also a goddess of war. Two birth stories are told in Hephaestus about this lesser-known, disabled god admired for his skills as a craftsman—for example, he designed Hermes’ winged sandals. Poseidon portrays some of the restless god’s affairs and famous offspring, including Orion, Triton, and the Minotaur. The books describe the people who worshipped these gods, like the metalworkers and blacksmiths who revered Hephaestus, and make comparisons throughout to the gods and goddesses’ Roman equivalents. Other features include sidebars, which make connections to art, the constellations, and other areas of ancient Greek culture. Good background knowledge for the Percy Jackson series, too.

—Angela Leeper

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