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A noteworthy review of Math in Sports from School Library Journal on April 1, 2013

Cover: Auto Racing: Math at the Racetrack

This series does an excellent job of using past and present sports figures to show how statistics can prove a player’s worth. Each book begins with a chapter on ‘The Basics,’ covering the area, perimeter, or length of court, rink, track, or playing field and other calculations (scoring angles, etc.) that apply to the sport. Chapters that focus on statistics, athletes, and famous competitions follow. Most spreads consist of a few computation questions with explanations of the answers and a large, engaging photo with an informative caption. The problem-solving requires some advanced thinking. Most of the exercises use basic math operations along with calculating percentages (although two errors were found). Numerous charts and graphs compare top players and teams. Students who want to know why their favorite players are the best will love these books.

—Stephanie Farnlacher

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Auto Racing: Math at the Racetrack 4.5
Baseball: Math at the Ballpark 4.7
Basketball: Math on the Court 4.6
Football: Math on the Gridiron 4.9
Hockey: Math at the Rink 5.1
Soccer: Math on the Field 5.0

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