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A noteworthy review of Healthy Kids from School Library Journal on November 1, 2013

Cover: First Aid Basics

Basic health information, presented in a bright and positive format. Fit stresses the importance of physical activity as a component of overall health. Yoga, group sports, and individual aerobic activities are just some of the author’s suggestions for maintaining a healthy body, so it’s ironic that the ‘Hands On’ activity is an art project instead of a physical activity. In Healthy Eating, colorful photos depiciting children eating fruits and vegetables accompany a concise and lucid narrative that begins with two friends making a healthy pizza. This story segues into pure informational content as balanced nutrition is advanced using the updated version of the traditional food pyramid that has been subsumed by ‘MyPlate’ guidelines. In First Aid, everyday occurrences such as cuts and scrapes, bites and stings, and sprains and fractures are addressed with instructions on how to administer first aid, along with ‘Do No Harm,’ and other good-sense practices. The ‘Hands On’ activity of making your own first-aid kit does not elaborate on what types of supplies should be included; the instructions are for making a kit out of a cardboard box. Obesity conveys a clear perspective of the rampant condition currently affecting one in three children in the United States. While the chief causes of obesity are explored (malnutrition and inactivity), additional factors such as metabolic disorders, genetic proclivity, and medicines that can contribute to the condition are not mentioned. Although some photos are duplicated throughout the series, they are engaging.

—Kathryn Diman

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
First Aid Basics 4.7
Fit and Fun 5.2
Healthy Eating Choices 5.4
Obesity 5.1

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