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A noteworthy review of Take a Closer Look from Booklist on December 1, 2013

Cover: Take a Closer Look at Your Brain

There are no gray areas concerning one’s gray matter in this entry in the Take a Closer Look series. Kicking off with such facts as the brain is the third-largest organ in the human body and weighs about three pounds, the straightforward yet accessible text continues with explanations of the brain’s three different parts and their functions, as well as the brain’s role in the central nervous system. Other chapters cover the causes and effects of brain problems, such as concussions and tumors, and how to keep the brain healthy through exercise, healthy foods, wearing a helmet, and more. The book also stresses how carbon monoxide can damage the brain and offers home safety steps to avoid this toxin. Ample white space allows for easy reading, while boxes with highlighted facts, color photos of children in action, and digital imagery of the brain’s interior add further interest. Whether used for science or health research, students will learn the best ways to keep the brain active—beginning with reading books like this.

—Angela Leeper

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