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A noteworthy review of Constellations from School Library Journal on November 1, 2013

Cover: The Constellation Scorpius: The Story of the Scorpion

These volumes provide both astronomy and mythology lessons in one very attractive package and are sure to be popular with young stargazers. Each of the books discusses a major constellation’s origin and mythology story, compares its presence in other cultures around the world, and explains how to locate it in the night sky. Sidebars provide additional facts (e.g., ‘The largest star that astronomers know of is VY Can Majoris’). Using crisp images and a pleasing combination of accent and colors, this set is sure to attract student researchers as well as educators and parents looking for engaging read-aloud nonfiction. This series gets a gold star.

—Christina Connolly

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
The Constellation Cassiopeia: The Story of the Queen 4.1
The Constellation Draco: The Story of the Dragon 4.2
The Constellation Hercules: The Story of the Hero 4.1
The Constellation Orion: The Story of the Hunter 4.1
The Constellation Scorpius: The Story of the Scorpion 4.3
The Constellation Taurus: The Story of the Bull 4.4
The Constellation Ursa Major: The Story of the Big Bear 3.8
The Constellation Ursa Minor: The Story of the Little Bear 4.0

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