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A noteworthy review of Big Machines at Work from Booklist on April 1, 2014

Cover: Tractors

There’s no doubt that children will be drawn to this attractive book because of their fascination with tractors, though they might come away with a few questions. Part of the Big Machines at Work series, this features farm and lawn tractors but also muddies the water by inserting three spreads about track-type tractors, such as bulldozers and diggers (which appear in their own books in the series). Each of the four sections of the book poses a question, with the answer found on a two-page spread featuring a photograph (blazingly bright and very attractive) of a tractor, as well as basic overview information. However, by closing the section with a broad statement such as, ‘But tractors do other jobs, too,’ it lacks a sense of completeness. At the end of the day, though, this will get kids opening books and gushing appropriately.

—J. B. Petty

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