Editorial Review

A noteworthy review of Majestic Horses from School Library Journal on April 1, 2014

Cover: American Quarter Horses

Through clear, straightforward prose, the author provides a solid overview of each horse, including physical characteristics, behavior, and history. One or two fact boxes appear on each text page, offering relevant bits of information without distracting from the narrative. Each spread includes one page of text opposite a single full-page photograph that depicts a full-body view of the animal. Each book closes with the same labeled diagram that shows 33 horse body parts. Though each horse’s suitability as a pet is mentioned, the focus remains on breed information, rather than pet care or training techniques. Brief mention of conservation efforts is included where relevant, as with Mustangs and Przewalski’s Horses. Though neither the writing nor the photographs are exceptional, the attractive, uncluttered layout and the well-organized progression of information make these effective introductions to horse breeds.

—Steven Engelfried

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
American Quarter Horses 3.6
Appaloosas 3.8
Arabians 3.9
Clydesdales 3.4
Mustangs 3.4
Przewalski's Horses 3.4
Shetland Ponies 3.4
Thoroughbreds 3.7

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