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A noteworthy review of Laughing Matters from School Library Journal on April 1, 2014

Cover: Baseball Jokes

What’s better than a third grader who knows a new joke? A: A third grader who knows 560 new jokes. This series contains eight books, each of which has 23 pages of jokes, with one to six jokes per page. That’s a lot of jokes, including puns (‘What do bees chew? Bumblegum’) gross jokes (‘Two cannibals are eating a clown and one says, ’Does this taste funny to you?’‘), and jokes so old they might predate recorded history (’What makes more noise than a dinosaur? Two dinosaurs.‘) In other words, there’s something for everyone here. Six of these books are subject specific (e.g., School, Baseball), but two, Tongue Twisters and Knock-Knock Jokes, offer a veritable smorgasbord of these classic forms. A clean design that relies upon simple shapes, funky bright colors, and understated texture gives this series an up-to-date look, while abundant sharp, silly illustrations by veteran cartoonist Ostrom reinforce some of the more visual jokes.

—Steven Engelfried

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Baseball Jokes
Bug Jokes
Dinosaur Jokes
Gross-Out Jokes
Knock-Knock Jokes
Monster Jokes
School Jokes
Tongue Twisters

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