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A noteworthy review of The Great Outdoors from Children's Bookwatch on September 1, 2014

Cover: Canoeing

Canoeing is a great introductory illustrated manual for juveniles from an outdoor sports series for middle grade kids from The Child’s World. Beautiful color photographs show scenes of canoeing out on the water, different types of canoes, life jackets and safety equipment or gear, and more. Canoeing is all about exploring nature in a quiet, respectful, open way that closely resembles traditional canoeing activity as initiated by Native Americans thousands of years ago in North America. Kids can learn so much from the experience of canoeing. Teamwork, safety practices, nature observation, conservation practices and principles, and many more excellent life skills and memorable experiences await the young canoe paddler. Canoeing is a great experience that can be a lifetime adventure. Additional information is found at the book’s end in the Glossary, list of resources, and web sites. Exciting outdoor experiences await the adventurer in a canoe! Other exciting and highly recommended titles in the same outdoor sports series include the following: Hiking (9781626873308), Hunting (9781626873315), Rock Climbing (9781626873339), Kayaking (9781626873322), Biking (9781626873261), Camping (9781626873278), and Fishing (9781626873292).

—James A. Cox

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