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A noteworthy review of The Human Body from Booklist on December 1, 2014

Cover: The Muscular System

Muscular tissue makes up 30 to 50 percent of a human’s weight and is responsible for the most basic of vital functions. This book begins with a narrative of a young boy, Jeremy, lifting a cinder block to impress his older brother. Each tinge of exertion and effort that Jeremy feels, from his decision to pick up the brick to the exhaustion he feels later, is explained in this book, covering topics from the chemical reactions that initiate a voluntary muscle movement to proper nutrition for healthy muscles. Appropriate diagrams and photographs of muscles at work enhance opportunities for comprehension. Most of the text focuses on the voluntary movement of striated muscles, but it also includes a brief description of how the heart functions. A full chapter discusses basic movement of antagonistic pairs of muscles and how tendons connect muscle to bone. This entry in the Human Body series is a comprehensive introduction to the system of the body that is most easily relatable to kids at play.

—Erin Anderson

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