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A noteworthy review of Life in Water Biomes from School Library Connection on September 1, 2015

Cover: Life in Estuaries

This series on life in the water world is a great introduction to habitats which connects to the elementary science curriculum. Each book is laid out in a simple and clean fashion with uniquely beautiful and vividly colorful captioned photographs. Short chapters use easily accessible language for the young reader. The information within each book introduces and simply describes each biome. Each biome then has its different layers characterized and includes examples from across the globe. The formation of each habitat and some of the different plants and animals found there are also included. Finally, each book ends with a labeled, photographic flowchart of its food chain. Bibliography. Glossary.Websites. Index.

—Deborah J. Gerber

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Life in Estuaries 3.9
Life in Freshwater Lakes 3.7
Life in Freshwater Marshes 3.6
Life in Oceans 3.9
Life in Ponds 3.5
Life in Rivers 3.6

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