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A noteworthy review of Pet Care from Booklist on October 1, 2015

Cover: Caring for My Hamster

This cuddly entry in the Pet Care series will elicit plenty of happy squeaks with its high-quality photos of snuggling and nibbling hamsters. The basic needs and habits of these creatures are addressed, as are best practices for new hamster owners. Accessible, easy-to-read text describes the importance of handwashing, keeping a clean cage, and having proper food for hamsters to eat. It also points out hamsters’ nocturnal nature, high activity level, and preference to live alone, with the exception of dwarf hamsters, which don’t mind company. A ‘Needs and Dangers’ list and ‘Fun Facts’ page conclude, though this is the first time dangers are mentioned. While the cost of having a hamster is never broached, this is a good starting point for kids looking to get a feel for pet ownership and responsibility.

—Julia Smith

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