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A noteworthy review of Unsolved Mysteries from School Library Journal on November 1, 2015

Cover: Aliens

Popular beliefs, skepticism, and scientific study all receive their due in three or four chapters in these brief, informative accounts. Each begins with a particular episode and its subsequent investigation, followed by additional information, including history. Covered are sightings, appearances and disappearances, the work of investigators, and some hoaxes, too. In most cases, there is scant evidence for these phenomena, but it’s noted that some scientists and a great many citizens consider the existence of these phenomena to be possible. Some of the subjects overlap, particularly in the books on aliens and UFO’s, as well as those on ghosts and haunted houses, though there are enough differences among the volumes to hold readers’ attention. Though the D.B. Cooper highjacking is an unsolved mystery, it seems a slightly odd fit with the rest of the paranormal line-up. Attractive photographs and small ‘Myth or Fact?’ sidebars complement the well-paced writing. Slim and well crafted, bound to appeal to both doubters and believers, these are good introductions to the mostly popular phenomena.

—Margaret Bush

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Aliens 4.1
Bigfoot 4.1
Crop Circles 4.2
Ghosts 4.0
Haunted Houses 4.1
The Bermuda Triangle 4.1
The D. B. Cooper Hijacking 4.0
UFOs 4.2

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