Editorial Review

A noteworthy review of Pet Care from School Library Journal on November 1, 2015

Cover: Caring for My Cat

Attractive and well-designed primers. The close-up photographs of the animals’ faces on the covers entice readers, while the content cautions them to make careful choices when selecting a pet. The importance of commitment is emphasized, along with all of the basics on food, health, physical characteristics and needs, safety, and bonding. Fish, Hermit Crabs, and Lizards set realistic expectations on interaction. Concluding ‘Needs and Dangers’ and ‘Fun Facts’ lists recap the information and fill in any gaps. Photos are clear and bright and vary from full-page to insets. These crisp, basic guides will provide a good introduction to potential pet owners.

—Carol S. Surges

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Caring for My Cat 2.1
Caring for My Dog 2.1
Caring for My Fish 2.1
Caring for My Hamster 2.3
Caring for My Hermit Crab 2.5
Caring for My Lizard 2.5
Caring for My Parakeet 2.4
Caring for My Turtle 2.3

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