Editorial Review

A noteworthy review of Long and Short Vowels from School Library Journal on November 1, 2015

Cover: Ten Pets: The Sound of Short E

Large, bold black type makes these books easy on beginner readers’ eyes. The visuals are strong: brightly hued page borders, text set in stark relief on white against vivid background colors, and crisply reproduced, child-friendly photos depicting adorable animals and a cast of delightful multicultural kids engaged in familiar activities. Except in Cute! and Smiles, the text generally serves as captions for the images rather than as stories per se. Children won’t mind, though. They’ll meet with reading success here, as the simple, often rhyming sentences so closely correspond to the referent photos. Targeted vowel sounds are repeated often. Each title concludes with a list of words containing the specific sound and an identical ‘Note to Parents and Educators.’ A fine introductory series for new readers.

—Carol Goldman

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cats: The Sound of Short A 0.7
Cute!: The Sound of Long U
Fun!: The Sound of Short U 0.7
Hot Pot: The Sound of Short O 1.0
Little Bit: The Sound of Short I 0.8
On the Boat: The Sound of Long O 0.7
Play Day: The Sound of Long A 0.8
Smiles: The Sound of Long I 0.9
Ten Pets: The Sound of Short E 0.8
What a Week: The Sound of Long E 1.4

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