Editorial Review

A noteworthy review of Endangered Animals from School Library Connection on May 1, 2016

Cover: African Elephants

The focus of these books is on the reasons each animal is endangered and the ways humans can help. Each title describes an animal, its environmental adaptations, and the threats contributing to its decline and conservation. Up-close photographs engage the reader, and life cycle diagrams and territory maps are a nice addition to the text. Important words are in bold, with an average of ten terms per title. Each title also contains a ‘What you can do’ page and a ‘To learn more’ page. Overall, this set provides a unique, current point of view about animals that kids will enjoy reading. Glossary. Index. Websites.

—Carrie Randall

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
African Elephants 4.2
Black-Footed Ferrets 4.2
Black Rhinos 4.2
Blue Whales 4.0
Chimpanzees 4.0
Fennec Foxes 4.0
Giant Pandas 4.1
Polar Bears 4.0
Salamanders 4.4
Sea Otters 3.9
Sea Turtles 4.0
Snow Leopards 4.0

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