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A noteworthy review of Comparison Fun from Booklist on March 15, 2017

Cover: How Big Is a Blue Whale?

The content of these playful books in the Comparison Fun series perfectly matches the series title. Each book uses a variety of often whimsical comparisons to bring to life one small corner of the natural world. Although many books make one or two such comparisons, they are the backbone of this series. The facts presented are often unusual, compelling, and illustrated clearly. For example, in How Big Is a Blue Whale?, a spread that compares the size of the whale’s heart to a small car shows a picture of the whale with a yellow compact car superimposed over the heart’s position. How Slow Is a Sloth? points out that a sloth takes six seconds to crawl the length of a pencil (pictured) and one minute to climb the height of a door (pictured). In How Small Is a Hummingbird?, we learn that the tiny birds are only as long as two bumblebees, and side-by-side photos show that length. In How Strong Is an Ant?, readers will grasp that these minuscule insects are mighty, though the comparisons are sometimes convoluted, including several variations on ‘If ants were the size of humans’ or ‘If a human was as strong as an ant.’ The books also provide teaching notes, but they feel superfluous in the face of such engaging material that speaks for itself.

—Miriam Aronin

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How Big Is a Blue Whale?
How Slow Is a Sloth?
How Small Is a Hummingbird?
How Strong Is an Ant?

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