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A noteworthy review of All About Money from Booklist on October 1, 2017

Cover: Twenty-Dollar Bills

Although this title in the All about Money series isn’t the most scintillating read, it provides a wealth of basic information on this piece of currency. The first chapter answers the question ‘What Is a Twenty- Dollar Bill?’ and includes a clearly marked diagram showing the main elements that appear on the bill. The ‘Security Features’ section may inspire curious readers to explore the bill’s more clandestine components, such as its watermark and security thread. Lastly, ‘The History of the Twenty-Dollar Bill’ outlines in sparse detail who has appeared on the bill over time. Useful back matter includes a time line, a map of mint locations, and a ‘Fast Facts’ section, which devotes considerable attention to the 2020 redesign of the bill featuring Harriet Tubman. An informative resource for the cash curious.

—Miriam Aronin

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Twenty-Dollar Bills 3.6

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