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A noteworthy review of All About Money from Children's Bookwatch on October 1, 2017

Cover: Dimes

Understanding the basic concept of money is essential for young children of elementary school age. ‘All About Money’ is an impressive twelve volume informative series in which young readers ages 5 to 8 will learn about the coins and bills that Americans use every day. Children will discover the fundamental facts of familiar pieces of money, learn about the history of each commonplace coin and bill, and study the various physical aspects of U.S. currency. Each spread contains colorful photos that highlight features of each bill and coin. Additional features to aid comprehension include informative sidebars, a section on fast facts, a timeline, a map of U.S. Mint locations, a phonetic glossary, sources for further research, and an index. The individual titles comprising this truly outstanding and thoroughly ‘kid friendly’ series include Dimes; Fifty-Cent Pieces; Five-Dollar Bills; Nickels: One Hundred-Dollar Bills; One-Dollar Bills; Pennies Quarters; Silver Dollars; Ten-Dollar Bills; Twenty-Dollar Bills; and Two-Dollar Bills. Although each title can be obtained individually ($18.95 each), school and community libraries will want to obtain the entire series intact. It should be noted for homeschoolers that the ‘All About Money’ series is also available in a digital book format (Multi-user eBook: $29.95 individual titles, $359.40 for the complete set).

—James Cox

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Dimes 2.8
Fifty-Cent Pieces 3.2
Five-Dollar Bills 3.7
Nickels 2.8
One-Dollar Bills 3.3
One Hundred-Dollar Bills 3.5
Pennies 2.9
Quarters 3.1
Silver Dollars 3.2
Ten-Dollar Bills 3.5
Twenty-Dollar Bills 3.6
Two-Dollar Bills 3.4

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