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A noteworthy review of All About Money from School Library Journal on November 1, 2017

Cover: Dimes

Why were no quarters minted in 1931 and 1933? Which denomination is cheapest for the U.S. Treasury to manufacture? Emergent readers will learn the answers to these and many other questions in this introductory set. These slim volumes discuss the worth of each item, its written notation, and alternative denominations showing the same value. Clearly labeled photos of front and backsides explain the symbolism of U.S. currency, with plenty of photographs from older coins and bills no longer in circulation. While the minting and distribution of coins and bills is mentioned, as are heightened security features, it’s the history of each that proves most interesting of all. Brief time lines and side bars highlight significant changes in the lives of each banknote and coinage and are accompanied by a useful map showing the locations of the four U.S. mints. VERDICT Ideal for educators as well as those curious about money.

—Rebecca Gueorguiev

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Dimes 2.8
Fifty-Cent Pieces 3.2
Five-Dollar Bills 3.7
Nickels 2.8
One-Dollar Bills 3.3
One Hundred-Dollar Bills 3.5
Pennies 2.9
Quarters 3.1
Silver Dollars 3.2
Ten-Dollar Bills 3.5
Twenty-Dollar Bills 3.6
Two-Dollar Bills 3.4

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