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A noteworthy review of Everyday Heroes from Booklist on October 1, 2018

Cover: Life with Epilepsy

Books in the Everyday Heroes series (12 titles) focus on regular people who live with typically chronic medical conditions. This volume discusses epilepsy and how people manage the seizures it causes. An opening list of facts about this neurological disorder plunges readers into the subject, which is followed by four presumably fictional but realistic scenarios of children keeping their epilepsy under control in different ways. One child uses daily medication, while another relies on a seizure-detecting dog. A third kid eats a specialized keto diet, and the final account shows how EEGs are used in medical diagnosis and epilepsy treatment. Sidebars offer added information, such as what to do if you see someone having a seizure. Despite the somewhat alarming cover image of a girl covered in electrodes, this is a kid-friendly resource.

—Julia Smith

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Life with Epilepsy 4.2

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