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A noteworthy review of English Grammar from Booklist on November 1, 2019

Cover: Adverbs

In the cheerful-looking English Grammar series, each book presents its topic in 10 chapters. While the explanations of concepts, rules, and exceptions are relatively brief, the text follows up immediately with examples and challenges designed to engage children in learning how to apply the ideas. With chapter headings such as ‘Singing Badly, Smelling Good,’ Adverbs looks at different types of adverbs, how to recognize them, and when to use an adverb rather than an adjective. Punctuation demonstrates the uses of questions marks, exclamation points, commas, apostrophes, hyphens, quotation marks, and parentheses. Spelling presents some basic rules for spelling words in English, along with examples, common exceptions to the rules, and ‘tricks’ that may help readers choose between two alternatives. Verbs considers what a verb is, presents various types, and explains tenses as well as the use of active or passive voice. The generous use of white space, colorful design elements, and fairly large type create an inviting look, an impression underscored by the photos illustrating words or sentences used as examples within the text. These pictures include wild animals, pets, and active children who are often laughing or at least smiling. What inspires the merriment? That’s sometimes hard to say, but the upbeat visuals do make the books’ subjects seem more appealing.

—Carolyn Phelan

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Adverbs 3.9
Punctuation 3.4
Spelling Rules 3.7
Verbs 3.6

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