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A noteworthy review of Looking at Layers from School Library Journal on April 1, 2020

Cover: Looking Inside Earth

As readers would expect, each title in this series features diagrams to show the various layers being discussed. Images of rock formations in the Grand Canyon or plants and animals from the layers of the rain forest add more details to the descriptions. Looking Inside the Human Body relies heavily on artistic illustrations of the various body systems, rather than the more captivating photos found in the rest of the series. All the titles work through the layers in a logical order that makes the text easy to follow (starting at the ocean surface and working down, or at ground level and working up through the atmosphere). A ‘Fast Facts’ section at the end of each title provides a synopsis of the main details for quick reference or review. Sidebars highlight related topics such as deep ocean vents or soil sciences. VERDICT A good purchase to update related topics.

—Suzanne Costner

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Looking Inside Earth 4.4
Looking Inside the Human Body 3.9
Looking Into Caves 3.8
Looking Into Soil 4.0
Looking Into the Atmosphere 4.9
Looking Into the Grand Canyon 4.8
Looking Into the Ocean 4.2
Looking Into the Rain Forest 4.0

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