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A noteworthy review of Foreign Language Basics from School Library Journal on April 1, 2020

Cover: Learn Arabic Words

This series introduces students to everyday words and phrases in a range of languages, including Hindi, Portuguese, and Tagalog. Basics such as where the language is spoken and how it compares to English are presented at the beginning of the text, along with a pronunciation guide. Each book uses the same set of images to depict scenes from everyday life (at home, at school, and around town). Common items and concepts are labeled in the language; the pronunciation for these terms is also featured. Detailed, colorful illustrations allow readers to experience the language in an authentic setting with both labels and helpful phrases, shown in context through conversations with word bubbles. A list of additional words, including months and seasons, is included at the end. VERDICT With appealing illustrations, these titles are an effective introduction to new languages for elementary learners.

—Kathryn Justus

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Learn Arabic Words
Learn Hindi Words
Learn Korean Words
Learn Portuguese Words
Learn Tagalog Words
Learn Vietnamese Words

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