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A noteworthy review of Exploring Trade Jobs from School Library Journal on April 1, 2020

Cover: Automobile Mechanics on the Job

Electrician, dental hygienist, welder, and wind turbine technician are just some of the trade jobs featured in this informative series. Each book begins with fast facts: the average salary, required training, and future outlook regarding changes in the field. The chapters describe the training and daily experiences of trade workers. Each chapter shares short tales of people on the job, making the books highly readable. VERDICT An entertaining introduction to trade jobs.

—Cathy DeCampli

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Automobile Mechanics on the Job 4.8
Brick Masons on the Job 4.7
Carpenters on the Job 4.4
Dental Hygienists on the Job 4.9
Electricians on the Job 5.0
Heavy-Machine Operators on the Job 4.9
Millwrights on the Job 5.4
Plumbers on the Job 4.3
Ultrasound Technicians on the Job 4.9
Veterinary Technicians on the Job 4.5
Welders on the Job 5.1
Wind Turbine Technicians on the Job 4.7

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