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A noteworthy review of The United States Presidents from Booklist on October 1, 2020

Cover: Barack Obama: Our 44th President

The United States Presidents series (44 titles) reviews the lives of those who held America’s highest office. The first half of this biography follows young Barry from his upbringing in Hawaii and Indonesia through decades of education and his meteoric rise in politics, with the second half covering his presidency, including his major goals, challenges, achievements, and landmark moments. Nichols’ prose is clear and concise, maintaining a tone that favors Obama. Personable photography, pull-quotes, and brief sidebars complement the appealing layout. Quoted dialogue and selected details offer narrative immersion, though no sources are cited. Rich back matter includes a time line, glossary, and index, plus descriptions of government branches and operations, the White House, and presidential perks, making this a solid resource for young researchers interested in U.S. government and politics as a whole.

—Ronny Khuri

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Barack Obama: Our 44th President

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