Editorial Review

A noteworthy review of Learn About Values from Booklist on October 15, 2007

Cover: Tolerance

Young children are introduced to the concept of accepting differences in other people in this title from the Learn About Values series. Roberts defines tolerance and provides examples of its importance at school, with friends, on the playground, at home, in the neighborhood, with newcomers, and with younger children. For each, she creates a scenario involving a conflict or misunderstanding, and explains how open-minded attitudes can ameliorate the situation. Each double-page spread contains a short portion of text on the left and a full-color, captioned photograph on the right. Most photographs feature smiling, well-dressed children; no mention is made of tolerating physical, mental, behavioral, or economic differences. Still, this will prove useful wherever character education is emphasized. For other options, look to Susan Dove Lempke’s ‘Top 5 Character Education Series.’

—Kay Weisman

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