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A noteworthy review of Manners Matter from Booklist on April 1, 2022

Cover: Excuse Me

This quick etiquette review begins with a brief rhyming introduction about the general importance of good manners and continues with a variety of scenarios for when one might say, ‘Excuse me.’ Some are straightforward, such as when leaving the dinner table, while others may elicit giggles, like ‘when you squirt ketchup on your sister’ or ‘when you burp.’ Speech bubbles on each page encourage reader participation. Stock photos are well matched to each situation and portray a diverse array of children. The book concludes with a general rule—‘Say, ’Excuse me,’ when you want to get someone’s attention or make an apology’—in addition to two activities and a list of key words. Part of the Manners Matter series (6 titles), this is a helpful and painless way to encourage polite behavior.

—Miriam Aronin

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