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A noteworthy review of Let's Explore Ecosystems from Children's Bookwatch on September 1, 2022

Cover: Let's Explore Seashores

A new series from The Child’s World publishing company, ’Let’s Explore Ecosystems’ consists of twelve different environments: Coral Reefs, Deserts, Forests, Freshwater Lakes, Grasslands, Mountains, Oceans, Ponds, Rain Forests, Seashores, Tundra, and Wetlands. Each individual 24 page book has a second grade reading level, a grades 1-4 interest level, and features full color captioned photographic illustrations, detailed maps, infographics, informative sidebars, a phonetic glossary, suggested websites, sources for further research, an index, and an author/illustrator biography. Although each titles in the thoroughly kid friendly ’Let’s Explore Ecosystems’ series is available individually and as an ebook, both elementary school and community library’s would be well advised to acquire the entire set for the use of their students and young patrons.

—James A. Cox

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Let's Explore Coral Reefs 4.1
Let's Explore Deserts 4.2
Let's Explore Forests 4.1
Let's Explore Freshwater Lakes 3.9
Let's Explore Grasslands 4.1
Let's Explore Mountains 4.1
Let's Explore Oceans 3.8
Let's Explore Ponds 4.0
Let's Explore Rain Forests 4.0
Let's Explore Seashores 4.1
Let's Explore the Tundra 4.0
Let's Explore Wetlands 4.0

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