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A noteworthy review of Investigating Pollution from School Library Journal on November 1, 2022

Cover: Investigating Agricultural Waste

Eight types of pollution are evaluated through comprehensive text and simple graphics. Each book begins with a captivating story that draws readers into the topic, such as a manatee named Gerard whose food source was destroyed by agricultural pollution. This is followed by an explanation of the pollution source, why it is harmful, and finally, what humans can do to reduce the pollution. White pages are filled with full-page text that is simple to understand, yet complex enough for research. White pages are offset by colored edging, photos, and text boxes. The overall effect is appealing, while still maintaining an academic appearance. Each book includes a table of contents, fast facts, a hands-on project, a glossary, a list of ways to help, further readings, and an index. VERDICT An excellent selection due to the series’s easy-to-understand text, colorful photos, and resources at the end of each book.

—Kate Rao

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Investigating Agricultural Waste NEW 4.8
Investigating Fossil Fuel Pollution NEW 5.0
Investigating Household Waste Pollution NEW 5.2
Investigating Light Pollution NEW 4.8
Investigating Manufacturing Pollution NEW 4.9
Investigating Noise Pollution NEW 4.9
Investigating Nuclear Pollution NEW 5.2
Investigating Plastic Pollution NEW 5.1

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