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A noteworthy review of Professional Football Teams from School Library Journal on November 1, 2022

Cover: Chicago Bears

Covering each of the teams in the National Football League, this series briefly runs through each teams’ history, including their notable players and impactful coaches. In addition to short biographies of ‘legacy’ players, the books include writeups of current stars who readers may find more familiar. This attention to past and present highlights the decades of blood, sweat, and tears athletes, coaches, and fans have poured into football. ‘The GOAT’ segments in each book take a moment to celebrate players whose names are synonymous with their team, like the Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Lewis, the Indianapolis Colts’ Peyton Manning, and the Green Bay Packers’ Brett Favre. Aside from a short mention of the racist history of the Washington Commodores’ previous team name, the series shies away from the many controversies in the modern-day NFL. The clear, eager writing focuses on the love of the game. VERDICT A fine additional purchase if your NFL books need updating.

—Abby Bussen

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Chicago Bears NEW
Dallas Cowboys NEW
Green Bay Packers NEW
Indianapolis Colts NEW
New England Patriots NEW
New York Giants NEW
Miami Dolphins NEW
Pittsburgh Steelers NEW
New Orleans Saints NEW
Denver Broncos NEW
Arizona Cardinals NEW
Baltimore Ravens NEW
New York Jets NEW
Buffalo Bills NEW
Cincinnati Bengals NEW
Cleveland Browns NEW
Houston Texans NEW
Tennessee Titans NEW
Jacksonville Jaguars NEW
Kansas City Chiefs NEW
Los Angeles Chargers NEW
Las Vegas Raiders NEW
Philadelphia Eagles NEW
Washington Commanders NEW
Detroit Lions NEW
Minnesota Vikings NEW
Tampa Bay Buccaneers NEW
Carolina Panthers NEW
Atlanta Falcons NEW
Los Angeles Rams NEW
San Francisco 49ers NEW
Seattle Seahawks NEW

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